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A shop on Lot 18 in the Lane of Unusual Traders. The Whole-in-the-Whorl, run by the Sudiczki sisters, is the Lane's default currency exchange. Given the nature of Midlfell, and the constantly expanding immigrant population of Lind, there are a wide variety of currencies in circulation and a considerable market for the more outlandish ones. Many of them have associated magical properties or qualities, whether mythical, genuinely occult, or simply folkloric; in practice this means that the story of the currency is, at least partially and often entirely, what imbues it with value. Examples of Midlfell currencies include Raai stonesperigolesbrass daggerscross-snake coins, and red salt.

History Edit

The Whole-in-the-Whorl stands on the charred and ruinous former site of Moulde’s Pteridophytes and Black Square Irrealty, the exotic fernery and occult real estate franchise run by Caractacus Moulde that was destroyed in a conflagration of unknown cause sometime between the First and Second Rebellions.

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At the Whole-in-the-Whorl, or, How the Redwater Murders were Begun (Story)

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Robert G. Cook

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Jodi Cleghorn, thanks for encouraging me to follow my weird on this one!