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A shop on Lot 23 in the Lane of Unusual Traders.

The Teahouse bears a "fading ebon-framed plaque depicting the great Oshenk river-warden Tosza and Hyram the Jousting Philosopher engaged in one of their famous debates". Its apparent host, Benay, serves spiced teas (including huckmallow bark tea) and shaved ice treats.

The true proprietor of the Teahouse is Mistress Jebbett. In exchange for their heartfelt ambitions, she provide her clients with the name of their lifetime's best friend. She is encouraged in this trade by the Kraken.

History Edit

Jebbett holds a parliamentary writ to trade in Lot 23, which the previous occupant of the lot was reluctant to hand over. Their dispute was resolved in Jebbett's favour by the Kraken's intervention.

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David Versace

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