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The Fenmen are Lane-dwellers who make their living from Stringers Fen - catching eels, gathering worms and the like. They speak their own dialect, which fascinates Phileas Postlethwaite: amateur anthropologist and linguist, curate of the Little Street Ministry of the God Without A Name, and all-round naive-but-well-intentioned do-gooder. When Phileas conscientiously records and laboriously translates a story told to him by a young Fen boy, it's unlikely either the teller or the translator truly understands the dark deed narrated. But there's a dragon in it.

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Not many people realise that Lind, like Venice, was originally established on swampy ground by people fleeing inland to escape marauding pirates. The swamps helped to protect the settlers until the town grew sufficiently in size and confidence to defend itself. The Lane is located in the oldest, seediest part of what is now an impressive city. People like the unnamed Fen boy are still in touch with the natural history of the place.

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Javain assassins, the Oshenk, Dryadians, the Jolly Strangler, city guards

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Andrea Baldwin