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At Lot 19, the current Teahouse overlays the ghost of a shop which existed when the Kraken rose. While the proprietor turns a blind eye to events, a humble candlemaid witnesses signs which hint at hope for those who wish to resist the Kraken.

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Springs Eternal takes place at Lot 19 in The Lane of Unusual Traders.

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Trivia Edit

Loads of fun (heh) writing a story set in two times simultaneously, with four characters occupying the same space, not all of whom can see all of the others.

References Edit

Denizen Tig's Architeuthian Teahouse, Denizen Tig, Jem the candlemaid, Stavanger's Den of Interstitial Beasts, The Springing Hare, Mela, Grint Stavanger, Interstitial beasts

Author Edit

Kathleen Jennings