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The true proprietor of the Teahouse of Serendipitous Unions (and Benay's employer). Mistress Jebbett appears to be an old human woman but may not be. She feeds on human memories and desires. She is able, by unknown means, to identify an individual's greatest friend in life. She trades this information to her clients in exchange for their ambitions. The Kraken encourages this trade as it reduces the stock of potential revolutionaries in Lind. The nature of the relationship between Jebbett and the Kraken is unknown but appears both mutually beneficial and distrustful if not hostile.

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Mistress Jebbett obtained a parliamentary writ licensing her to trade on Lot 23 in a dispute of unknown nature with the previous tenant. The Kraken intervened to award the writ to Jebbett.

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The Teahouse of Serendipitous Unions