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Midlfell is a world building cross-media project run by Tiny Owl Workshop. The world of Midlfell and its stories will expand through illustrations, comics and other media as the story grows.

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This Wiki is intended to provide a rich source of all information pertaining to the world of Midlfell, the city of Lind, and the Lane of Unusual Traders.

This is a collaborative project.

What do I do now? Edit

If you're a visitor, just poke around and get to learn about the world.

If you're a contributor, find your shop or story or contributor page and go nuts! Or explore the world and add information as you find things missing.

But HOW? Edit

Open the page you want to edit, and click 'edit'. Simply write down information about your shop or story or something you've added to the world of Midlfell (instruments or food or characters or locations etc), and when you find interesting references such as the Kraken or Curlicued Oboe, highlight the word, and select the 'link' button at the top of the edit page. It will create a hyperlink that can be used later to automatically create a new page, or it will link to an existing page. Don't worry about making mistakes, every change is backed up and can be reverted.

At the bottom of your page you should add at least one category (such as 'Food') to help the website group things together. I've already created a bunch of helpful ones, which you can see by clicking around the Explore page, so poke around and see what suits your content.

NOTE to contributors: Please don't add any information that isn't explicitly referenced in fiction and art accepted for publication by Tiny Owl Workshop. It's tempting to fill in these gorgeous empty canvases, but we need to respect the guiding influence of the project publisher.

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Here are just some of the major categories you might be interested in perusing. Else simple explore the world.

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Fiction and Related Art Edit

The initial fictional pieces were created for the Lane of Unusual Traders and listed on that page.

All related fiction can be found here.

Other cross-media projects will be listed here.

Contributors Edit

Contributors are constantly being added to this project and are listed here.