The Lane of Unusual Traders is a street full of odd shops and shady citizens in the Innards, in the city of Lind.

The map art is produced by Terry Whidborne.

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The Lane lies over Stringer's Fen. Nearby features are Dragon's Pocket, Stringer's Fen, Frog's Hollow and Hagsfall.

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Dominating the Lane in Lot 1 is The Jolly Strangler inn.

Other lots are to be allocated to various shops as the project unfolds.

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Lot 1 - The Jolly StranglerLot 2 - Orran's Music EmporiumLots 3a/3b - Jolal's Home/SeeingLot 4 - Dust and ShadowsLots 5a/5b - Potential/Unknown ShopLot 6 - Thi's tonsure TerrariumLot 7 - Ye Olde House of Used GodpartsLot 7.5 - The Last GaspLot 8 - Lauca's Marvellous Mystical MusiqueLot 9 - The Crippled DoorLot 10 - The LionsLot 11 - Hangman's MercyLot 12 - Sarazen'sLot 13 - The SugarmanLot 14 - Etta's SweeteryLot 15 - Figs and RosesLot 16 - Midlfell Wine and SpiritsLot 17 - Gantline ImportsLots 18a/18b - Whole-in-the-Whorl/Irrealty & FernsLot 19 - Denizen Tig's Architeuthian Teahouse/Stavanger's Den of Interstitial BeastsLot 20 - The House of Depthless InkLot 21 - The Lost Chapel of Santa LuscaLot 22 - The Open Throat TavernLot 23 - The Teahouse of Serendipitous UnionsLot 24 - Juno Filth's Pest ShopThe Lane of Unusual Traders
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