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'Denizen Tig's Architeuthian Teahouse' is a shop in the Lane of Unusual Traders, which supplies:

  • teas and tisanes
  • cups with a cheerful Kraken-esque motif
  • candleholders with the symbol of a leaping hare
  • Jem's candles

It is operated as a front by Denizen Tig. Lit by Jem the candlemaid's candles, it is a popular haunt for those who wish to discuss secrets and truth, and also for the ghosts of Mela, Grint Stavanger and assorted interstitial beasts.

History Edit

Occupies the space formerly home (in pre-Kraken days) to 'Stavanger's Den of Interstitial Beasts'.

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Kathleen Jennings

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