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At the Whole-in-the-Whorl currency exchange, Xin, a poor water-carrier, attempts to barter his family’s unconventional inheritance for something more practical, but through the intercession of the Sudiczki sisters he exchanges his own fate for a destiny of considerable consequence.

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This started out as two separate story ideas - the currency exchange, originally called All Extraordinaries, and the Whole-in-the-Whorl, which had the three sisters going for it but not much else. Then somewhere in my head there was an idea-collision, and now there is this.

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The Whole-in-the-Whorl, Xin, Sudiczki sisters, Women of Hagsfall, Domoi, Old Winch, Claramon, The Captain, Mr Timmet, Company of Constant Martyrs, Redwater Murders

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Robert G. Cook