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Amy Griswold has written two gaslamp fantasy/mystery novels with Melissa Scott, Death by Silver and A Death at the Dionysus Club (Lethe Press), and also writes Stargate Atlantis tie-in novels for Fandemonium Books.  She lives in North Carolina with her partner and daughter, and works as an educational testing content specialist.  Her day job rarely involves writing about krakens.

Bibliography Edit

"Chosen Ones" in Sword and Sorceress 29, forthcoming November 2014.

A Death at the Dionysus Club (with Melissa Scott), Lethe Press, 2014.

"Consort" in Stargate: Far Horizons, Fandemonium, 2014.

Stargate SGA: Unascended (with Jo Graham), Fandemonium, 2014.

Death by Silver (with Melissa Scott), Lethe Press, 2013.

Stargate SGA: Inheritors (with Melissa Scott and Jo Graham), Fandemonium, 2013.

Stargate SG-1: Heart's Desire, Fandemonium, 2012.

Stargate SGA: Allegiance (with Melissa Scott), Fandemonium, 2011.

Stargate SGA: The Lost (with Jo Graham), Fandemonium, 2011.

"Caden's Death" in Sword and Sorceress 25, 2010.

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